October 16th is World Food Day!

Come celebrate with me by submitting your yummy recipes via email or comments and I will include them in my Tasty Tuesday blog post!

A few facts on the deep imbalances in our food system:

  • Our planet produces enough food for everyone, yet nearly one billion of us (1 in every 7 people) still go to bed hungry.
  • About a third of the food produced for our plates ends up lost or wasted between farm and fork.
  • One pound of ground beef for your family uses more than 28,000 cups of water to produce—that’s enough to fill 20 bathtubs to the brim, and then some!

There are deep imbalances in access to fertile land, water and other resources.  The control over these resources do not lie with the farmers who produce the food, but with companies and governments that control the global food system.  Already high food prices, hit a new record in 2011, driving tens millions into hunger.

Oxfam’s GROW campaign is striving to correct these issues.  They are focusing on:

  • Increasing productivity, self reliance and economic opportunities of small-scale farmers who depends on agriculture income
  • Increasing farmers’ access to resources, such as water and fertile land, and not having to fight large companies for the resources
  • Increasing farmers’ preparedness for weather related catastrophes, such as droughts, floods and storms
  • Modernizing food programs to become more effective, efficient, and responsible, as well as improving the global responses after disasters or in crisis
  • Holding governments and businesses accountable for their decisions that impact global food security

The choices you make in the kitchen can fight hunger around the world.


I encourage you to check out Oxfam’s website on the GROW method.  They have recipes, helpful tips, resources, and you can even request a World Food Day kit.  I did.. and it packed full of information, recipes, stickers, placemats, and other information.

In the next few days, I plan on reading the information I received and making changes to the way I get and prepare my family’s food.  Won’t you join me?

Please, celebrate World Food Day with thousands of supporters around the world on October 16th.

Conversations that start at your dinner table

can transform the world. 


A very blurry picture of Mandy and I with the Oxfam GROW poster.

Connect with Oxfam:  http://www.oxfamamerica.org

Twitter: @OxfamAmerica

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/oxfamamerica

Remember— send me your recipes to be featured on my Tasty Tuesday post!  I will include them all!!!! 


Source:  www.oxfamamerica.org

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