It was a rough weekend at our house.  Don came down with the flu, (yeah, had that two weeks ago), then the kids and I came down with a cold from hell.  It was horrible.  I went through an entire bottle of cold medicine and Jack Daniels.  Okay, kidding about the Jack Daniels.  Kinda.  Hey, it was a small bottle, give me some credit!  Of course, if I knew how much better it would have made me feel, I would have made a booze run!  On to Monday Listicles… 

This week’s topic is from Ashlee and is 10 Ways to Show Love.  Next week’s topic is 10 Things You’d Tell Your Teenage Self by Coletta.  So, here’s the deal.  You make a list of 10 things pertaining to the topic and post them on your blog (or Facebook) then head over to Stasha’s and leave a link!  It’s alot of fun and we’d love to have you!  

ways to show love: monday listicles via mini van dreams

10 Ways to Show Love (According to Mo and Bo)

  1. Share the cell phone on the ride to school
  2. Squeezes
  3. Kisses
  4. Stopping for breakfast
  5. Petting the dog
  6. Playing video games
  7. Snuggling
  8. Singing songs
  9. Eating cookies
  10. Blue blankie and pink blankie.

What can I say?  They are 4-1/2.  

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