Thing’s I would do over as a parent?  Where do I begin?  That’s this week’s Monday Listicles topic… nothing like hitting you with a doozy early in the morning.  Because, heaven knows I don’t write this until the last minute.  Don’t you ever wish you could just hit the “redo” button and start again?  Wait, am I the only one?  Please tell me I’m not!  

Things I Would Do Over As A Parent | Monday Listicles  via Mini Van Dreams


10 Things I Would Do Over As A Parent

  1. Let my kids cry it out more.
  2. Take them to the dentist sooner.
  3. Not complain so much when I was fired and had to spend all day with them.
  4. Make sure Bo was strapped into his car seat when we headed to the basement for the tornado sirens.
  5. Take more videos.
  6. Not let them sleep in our bed.
  7. Institute “quiet time” even after they stopped taking naps.
  8. Read to them more as babies.
  9. Not go to college while they are young.
  10. Not constantly compare myself to other mothers.

What would you do over if you could?

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