My husband doesn’t read my blog… I’m not even sure he knows what the name of it is.  Whenever I started talking about it, his eyes glaze over and you can tell he isn’t paying attention.

That’s okay.

That means I can tell you this story and he will never know.

We took the kids to the aquarium this past weekend.  One of the exhibits is a rain forest room with animals and birds.  You can buy nectar in little cups to feed the birds.

We went through the exhibit once, and then met back up with my father in law and mother in law and went through it with them.  We walk into the bird section and are standing watching this bird on a ledge when all of a sudden my husband goes nuts.  He’s screaming and flapping his arms and in full-out panic mode.

A bird landed on his shoulder.

My husband doesn’t like birds.

He was cussing and freaking out.

I was laughing so hard I couldn’t even help.  Or take a picture.

The kids were all excited, “Daddy, there’s a bird on your shoulder!”

He kept screaming and panicking.  A lot of cuss words were used.

Finally, I reached out my finger and touched its chest and it climbed on.  I held it toward him and said, “It’s just a bird.”

He proceeded to freak out again and was yelling “Get it away from me!”

Finally, the bird flew off my finger and back up into the trees.

My husband practically ran toward the exit.

So… because I can’t let a funny thing go… I texted his best friend on Monday and told him to ask my husband about the bird encounter and to say he saw it on You Tube.

I will never, ever, ever let my husband live this down.  In fact, I am thinking about finding him a stuffed bird for his birthday next week.

I only wish I could have stopped laughing long enough to take a picture.

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