For the kids’ third birthday, my husband wanted to buy them a couple (!) of those Power Wheel things– you know, the battery operated Jeeps or whatever that they can drive around.  I finally convinced him it was a waste of money, because they wouldn’t get that much use out of them.

He then decided we should get them Big Wheels.  I threw a fit at that too and suggested bicycles with training wheels.

I won the argument, thank goodness.

A couple of weeks before their birthday, we took them to Wal-mart to buy their helmets and bicycles.  Morgan picked out a kitty cat helmet, complete with 3D ears on top.  Troy, of course, picked out one with cars all over it.

On to the bikes… this was a lesson in patience.  No one could decide what kind they wanted.  Morgan finally decided on a Dora the Explorer bike, complete with streamers and a backpack on the front.  Troy chose– wait for it– Cars, with a toolbox and cones for racing.  We load them into the cart and bring them home.

It took us a few weeks for them to figure out the pedals and brakes and how to turn around without getting off the bike or needing help.  But, they learned.

These days, they are buzzing around our driveway like they are in a motorcycle gang looking for trouble.  Or, three years old looking for something to get into… it’s the same thing, right?

These days, I am sitting outside watching the little bears speed around on bicycles.  But, as fast as time seems to be going, I am going to be handing them car keys next week.