The Battle of the Scale

One of the lovely side affects of PCOS can be weight gain and difficulty losing it.  When you have a diagnosis of PCOS, you are considered to have an insulin resistance.  Your body makes the insulin, but you don’t use it.  Depending on how bad this, depends on whether you have to take artificial insulin.  For some reason, your body CAN use the artificial insulin.  There are also variations to different meds and/or vitamins that can be used to help alleviate the symptoms (i.e. to help lose weight.) 

I am currently on insulin, as well as taking a multi-vitamin that includes D3.  This was suggested to me by my doctor and may not be right for everyone– I encourage you, if you have the symptoms or suspicion, to make an appointment today.  If your doctor doesn’t listen… try another one.  It took me several doctors until I found the one I have today. 

Anyways… along with other nasty symptoms, I have the weight gain and inability to lose it easily.  I have been overweight my entire life and have always had a very hard time losing it.  Of course, after having the kids, I haven’t lost much weight.  Okay… I know, its been three years– you don’t need to do the math.

I’ve tried.  I’ve failed.  There is a guy at work who has a tagline on his emails that says something about you are not a failure if you get up one more time than you fall.  I am tired of brushing myself up and getting back on the horse. 

I know I have to do it for my sake and my kids’ sake.  I just wish there were more hours in the day.  The weight is just so hard to lose and is so frustrating.  (I am deleting any comments about diet pills or weight loss supplements, FYI).  I know if its worth doing, its not going to be easy.  I’m not thinking I am ever going to get into a size 4.  I would be happy with a 16. 

So… I am putting this out here for the world to see.  I am back in the saddle again.  This time, I am hoping there is duct tape on my butt to keep me there.

Also, if you are struggling too… this website, My Fitness Pal is free and is wonderful to use to keep track of your food, exercise and water.  There are also forums, and you can add friends to help encourage you.  Check it out and send me a friend request!  My user name is acctgqueen. 

See you tomorrow!

*I am not a doctor.  Nothing in this post or on this blog should be considered medical advice.  Please seek a professional for any diagnosis or any other health concerns.*

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