Tasty Tuesday: Potato Surprises

This is one of those creation type recipes that has been perfected through the years.  My dad and mom came up with this recipe– but, I’m not sure where they got it from.  It just isn’t summer without this one…

Potato Surprises
Aluminum foil
1 large potato per person
Butter or margarine
Onion, sliced
Green peppers, sliced
Salt and Pepper
Any other toppings you can think of

Take a piece of foil (large enough to be able to wrap up the potatoes and veggies into a packet), place about 1 Tbs butter on the foil in the center.  Slice the potato, rather thinly on top of the butter in a pile.  Add your other veggies and seasonings.  Put another Tablespoon of butter on top and fold the top and sides up to make a sealed packet.  Place on the grill and cook until the potatoes are tender.  It usually takes about an hour.  Be very careful not to puncture the foil when turning them half way through– it will let the butter escape and it will burn.

In our family, we like what we call the crunchies– the burnt potatoes and onions on the foil– so, we eat them right out of the packet.  Anything goes with these– we have used (cooked) crumbled bacon, squash, zucchini, tomatoes– you name it.  Most of the time, we would stick with peppers and onions though.  Topped with cheese before eating.  We’ve even been known to ONLY make potato surprises– not anything to go with them.

Go fire up the grill… it’s potato surprise time.

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