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You Have To Wake Up Pretty Early

dad-mom on the run x2

Today is April Fool’s Day.  I thought about playing some crazy prank… taking down the blog or announcing I was running for mayor, but instead decided to tell a funny story about my dad.  Many of you know, my dad passed away suddenly several years ago while he was in the break room at work. […] Read more…

St. Patrick’s Day Subway Art Free Printable

free printable: st patricks day subway art via mini van dreams

In today’s pandemic environment, many of us practicing social distancing.  With restaurants and bars closing early, groceries scrambling to stay stocked, and recommendations to avoid crowds, St. Patrick’s Day might not be very festive this year.  But, never fear, I’ve got you covered… A St. Patrick’s Day Subway Art free printable is on tap today […] Read more…

We Do Not Sing Rudolph

We Don't Sing Rudolph | Mini Van Dreams

Last night, drove around to look at lights.  We were listening to Christmas music and Rudolph came on –  I immediately shut it off.  They asked why and I started laughing… I have  no doubt that sometime in the future my kids will need to see a therapist because of they way their dad and […] Read more…