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Tasty Tuesday: S’mores Mix

This week, I am sharing a S’mores Mix recipe.  Delicious and yummy.  Okay, let’s be honest… this is the BEST.  SNACK.  EVER.  My kids love it.  Nana loves it.  My husband loves it.  I love it.  The dog loves it… okay, you get the picture. Read more…

Cowboy Casserole

cowboy casserole

This one is a blast from the past… enjoy.  (Originally posted June 19th, 2012). I have this really cool (and free!) blog planner I downloaded from Confessions of a Homeschooler’s website.  It’s with me all the time—if I get a blog idea, I pull it out and jot it down.  So, last Tuesday I posted […] Read more…