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18″ Doll Bunk Beds

18" Doll Bunk Beds | Mini Van Dreams #toys #18"dolls

Last Friday, I started thinking about how I could make 18″ doll bunk beds for Mo’s Journey Girls (Toys R Us’ version of American Girl).  I checked out prices online and about fell off my chair!  Even on Etsy and eBay – It’s highway robbery!  I wanted to come up with something easy and kid-friendly […] Read more…

Easy Scrapbooking for Beginners

Easy Scrapbooking for Beginners via Mini Van Dreams

Today’s tutorial is Easy Scrapbooking for Beginners.  That’s right… YOU can scrapbook, even if you never have before!  Do you have a bunch of pictures sitting in a box at home?  Every time you come across it, do you think to yourself “If only I knew how to scrapbook!”  I know what you are thinking […] Read more…

Fun Mini Easter Baskets

Fun Mini Easter Baskets via Mini Van Dreams

These fun mini Easter baskets are a cinch to make and can be used to hold anything!  Candy, baked goodies, small toys.  They would be perfect for the teenager who is too old for the Easter bunny, but still wants a little something for Easter Sunday.  They could also be easily adapted to make small […] Read more…