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Anniversary Card

Anniversary Card | Mini Van Dreams

It’s been awhile since I have shared a card tutorial, so I wanted to share my Anniversary Card!  (Spoiler alert, Don!)  This was one of my fair cards, but for the life of me I can’t remember if I won anything for it or not.  I think Dee stole this ribbon away from me, but […] Read more…

Nightgown for 18″ Doll {EASY}

Nightgown for 18" Doll {EASY} | Mini Van Dreams #dollclothes #crafts #americangirl #patterns

If you daughter is crazy about her dolls like mine is, you understand the continuous search for free and easy clothes patterns on the Internet.  They are out there, but are really hard to find.  Recently, I had made Mo bunk beds for her dolls and wanted to make her nightgowns to go with them. […] Read more…

18″ Doll Bunk Beds

18" Doll Bunk Beds | Mini Van Dreams #toys #18"dolls

Last Friday, I started thinking about how I could make 18″ doll bunk beds for Mo’s Journey Girls (Toys R Us’ version of American Girl).  I checked out prices online and about fell off my chair!  Even on Etsy and eBay – It’s highway robbery!  I wanted to come up with something easy and kid-friendly […] Read more…