Handprint Gifts Kids Can Make

Handprint Crafts for Kids to Make

Who doesn’t like handprint gifts?  If you are like most American families, money is tight around the holidays and you have no idea what to give that is meaningful and heartfelt.  I racked my brain this year trying to come up with something awesome for the kids to do for the grandparents (spoiler alert!) to […] Read more…

Ice Dying Tee Shirts

ice dying tee shirts

Bloggy Con ’13 was in September and in our ‘swag bag’ was a couple of packages of RIT dye and some instructions on ice dying tee shirts.  I thought it would be fun to do with the kids, so we tried it out.  While it was very messy (WEAR GLOVES!) the end result was super-cool. […] Read more…

Easy Fridge Magnets

easy fridge magnets

I always feel bad when I post scrapbooking layouts or card tutorials and someone responds, “Oh, those look nice but I can’t do that.”  So, when Oriental Trading contacted me about doing a review for them, I jumped on the chance to choose a project that didn’t require any special skills or a large expense. […] Read more…