Card making

Paper Cake Toppers

Paper cake toppers

I have a hard time paying for cakes for my kids’ birthday– the prices are so outrageous.  This year, I decided– I am crafty, I can come up with something.  And, I did… with nothing more than some basic supplies and ingenuity… I came up with a couple of super-cool cake toppers.  The best part […]

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Simple Cards

Today, I am going to show you a versatile card that can be used for absolutely anything.  As you can see in my picture, I made birthday, thinking of you, and  friend cards using the same basic principle.  The best part is you can crank these out rather quickly– make a set to have on […]

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Easy Valentines Day Card

Valentines Day Card

Do you need an easy Valentine’s Day card?  What about an easy anniversary card?  I love making homemade greeting cards using this technique.  Depending on the stamp you use, it comes out looking like toile.  You don’t even need a pair of scissors… how much more easier can it be!  Have fun with this one!

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