Simple Sunday: Manilla

Today, I am tackling bill organization.

I am ashamed to say, as an accountant, I used to pay my bills late all the time.  Seriously.  Credit cards, car payment, house payment…For the life of me, I could never keep it all straight– what was due when, etc.

Around Christmas, I found this Bill Organizer book at the dollar store.  It had pockets with a chart for each month that held the current bills.  So, we went to bills all over the house to bills in a book… but, I still would forget to pay them on time.

I happened to be reading a magazine one evening, and they mentioned getting paperwork organized and they suggested a website called Manilla.

It’s free!

Yeah, did you hear the angels singing too?

I went and checked it out and registered.

It is a really cool site– there is even an iPhone and Droid app.  You input your bill details and it will send you emails, text messages, and/or notifications telling you when your bills are due. The alerts can be customized for your own schedule– I have my credit cards set to alert me three days prior, so I have time to “schedule” them for payment.

The website also will “receive” your e-statements, and provides a link right on the page for you to go pay the bill.  It’s rather time-consuming to set up though, but totally worth it.  

The only downside is that not all bills are available.  But, they are always adding new ones and if you fill out their request, they will notify you when it is added.  Personally, the only bill I have that I wasn’t able to “link” was my house payment.  I was even able to link our small-town power company… so, I would guess they do have a vast selection.

So, there you have it for Sunday… I challenge you to take a little time today and check it out!

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