Simple Sunday: List Making

I don’t think I ever really explained the Simple Sunday concept.  I thought I would use Sunday’s to work on my goal of organization and simplification in our life.  Here at home, we have alot of “noise”– unable to find things, bills scattered all over the house, etc.  My ultimate goal is to get to the point I have a home book or household book and have everything neat and organized. 

So, today I am going to tackle List Making.

A few years ago, a good friend of mine on a board I belonged to suggested to the group to make lists daily.  Just a mini to-do list… five or six things that are easily accomplished in the time you have set aside.  Nothing crazy.  She brought up the point that it will keep your on-task, focused, and you will easily feel like you have accomplished something in your crazy schedule.

I took her up on it and began making lists.  I had lists of my lists.  Literally.

Now, my mom who reads my blog faithfully is probably shaking her head and laughing.  Before I had the twins, I was organized to a fault.  My Christmas gift-giving list was even on an Excel spreadsheet.  And color coded.  And alphabetized.  And in order by store.  (Don’t even ask about my grocery lists– which were also on Excel, color-coded, and in order by aisle.)

After having kids, this all fell by the way-side.  I just didn’t have time to be that organized and put together.

This week, I began making a daily to-do list again.  What I don’t get done, goes on the next day’s list.  I usually only include five items– and just jot them down on a sticky note.  Its important to remember to not feel pressured to finish these before bed or to feel guilty if you don’t get to something.  There is always tomorrow.  

At work, on any given day, things can change in an instant.  Yesterday, for example, I had every intention of finishing a bank reconciliation.  There were some issues with our balance sheet and intercompany balances, and I had to refocus on that instead of what was on my list.  That’s okay.  I can hit that list on Monday.

You have roll with the punches life throws you.

So, this week– I challenge you to make a list each day.  Jot down five or six things– crossing them off as you go.  It might be something meaningful– researching schools for your MBA or maybe something small, like getting dressed before noon.   Whatever YOU want to accomplish that day.

Go forth and list.


  1. Nice post. Organizing shows and organized mind which leads to easier learning abilities.

  2. Very good advice Julia. I also write lists. You are so right when you encourage us not to feel pressured if we do not accomplish something on a particular day, just put it on the list tomorrow. I am now also a linky follower. Have a great week!

  3. Hi Julia – I completely appreciate this! I cannot survive without my lists! I even make a to-do list for our boys on a white board, so when they ask if they can watch a show or play the Wii, I ask them to check their list first. It’s strange, but they really do like this, and it helps us stay on top of our chores. Have a great week!

  4. Oh, how I love a list. I make them all of the time. They really do help you feel like you’ve accomplished something each day. And they keep the kids organized, too.

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