Simple Sunday: First Aid Kits

Recently, I was given the opportunity to take a first aid and CPR class given by the American Red Cross at work.  This was to ensure there were a certain number of people on each floor in our building that were trained in case of an emergency.
Well, it got me thinking.
What would happen if there was a medical emergency here at home?  Would I be prepared with what I need?  Would you?  What about out in the general public, like at a park with the kids?
Now, don’t get me wrong… I had a box of Band-aids and some antibiotic cream… but, what was that going to do in a serious emergency?
I decided to do some research online for items to put into a first aid kit.  I ended up buying several first aid kits, for different types of emergencies.  For the house, I bought two kits from Wal-mart that were $9.97 each.  One is kept in the breezeway outside and one in the house.  These had the basics and were actually “qualified” for use at businesses with less than 25 people.  There is a wide array of items in it, from, burn cream to large gauze coverings, and everything in between.  
For our cars, I bought two kits that were geared for hiking and camping.  These are geared toward outside emergencies, such as bee stings, snake bites (I hope THAT never happens!), and emergencies of that nature.  To me, it made sense to have kits like this in the cars for when we were out and about.
For the diaper bag, I purchased a smaller kit from AAA, that is for carrying in a book bag or glove box.  This just has the very basics– band aids, antibiotic cream, etc.  My thought process was that if we were out with the diaper bag, I always would have the bigger First Aid kit in the car for more serious emergencies.
Since I am trained in CPR, in both vehicles I have full-size CPR masks that can be used on both adults and children, as well as a portable one in my purse.
Now, having three-year olds– I also have stashed through the house boxes of Band Aids for the little scrapes and bang-ups kids seem to get.  That way we aren’t using the First Aid kits for smaller stuff.
So, today, I challenge you to think about whether you are prepared for an emergency.  Do you have a First Aid Kit?  Is everything up-to-date?  Is anything missing that is important?
Check out the American Red Cross for more information.


  1. sounds like you are very prepared, but it wouldn’t have helped poor Don when he got over heated at the race track a while back. Maybe you should ad something else to it for him, just in case.

  2. Hey! – just came across your blog form the blog hop and excited to be your newest follower!


    p.s. loving your blog design (and the button flowers)

  3. Great post! Love what I see so far from your blog, so I am happy to be your newest follower from the Mom’s Monday Mingle @ Naptime Review. I would love it if you checked out my blog and followed me back if you like! Have a great week!!

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