If you are looking for an awesome place to take your kids– or yourself– and are within driving distance of Rolling Ridge Ranch in Millersburg, Ohio.  I highly recommend it.  

They offer two types of tours– one from your car and one on an open sided wagon.  Pay the extra for the wagon ride.  The wagons leave approximately every hour and are worth every penny.  (And, they are very reasonably priced… so, don’t take that the wrong way.)  They also have a petting zoo where you can walk through and pet the various animals, as well as enjoy exotic birds.

You sit down on the horse-drawn wagon and the driver takes you into a gated area where the animals come right up to eat out of the provided buckets of pellets.  It was the most awesome and amazing thing I have ever done.

My kids still talk about it and it was almost a year ago.  Definitely a highlight of that trip and a must-see for this year’s Amish Country trek.

These pictures below are from last year and are not zoomed in– the animals are literally RIGHT THERE.

Don’t remember what this one was.
White-tailed Deer


Brahma Bull






Don’t remember this one either.


We also suggest going to Hershberger’s Farm and Bakery while in the area also.  They too, have a petting zoo… and the kids loved it.  The vegetables and fruits in the market are out of this world.  I bought tomatoes last year that were literally the size of the kids’ heads!  They also sold “real” fry pies and had a food area where you could purchase grilled food to eat.
Truly, another place you should stop.


Morgan petting the baby goats at Hershberger’s


Troy getting kisses from a calf

Can’t wait until this year!