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Christmas Meal Planner Free Printable

Christmas Dinner Planner Free Printable | Mini Van Dreams

Just like I promised, today is our bonus Christmas Meal Planner Free Printable!  Get organized for this year’s dinner by jotting everything down in one place… no more losing notes jotted on scrap sheets!  So, go grab the download and stop worrying about what you are making, who is coming and if you might have […] Read more…

We Do Not Sing Rudolph

We Don't Sing Rudolph | Mini Van Dreams

Last night, drove around to look at lights.  We were listening to Christmas music and Rudolph came on –  I immediately shut it off.  They asked why and I started laughing… I have  no doubt that sometime in the future my kids will need to see a therapist because of they way their dad and […] Read more…