Creamy and Easy Cheese and Rigatoni

Easy & Creamy Rigatoni and Cheese | Mini Van Dreams

Creamy and easy cheese and rigatoni has earned a spot on our dinner rotation. As the mom of kids, I am constantly in search of a creamy and easy macaroni and cheese recipe that is better than boxed. No box-shaming here, but sometimes eating the same old boxed mac and cheese gets old.

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Sunday Stealing 8/22/2021

Sunday Stealing 8/22/21| Mini Van Dreams

I always love participating in the Sunday Stealing blog hop hosted by Bev… I don’t know why I don’t participate more! I did just realize that Bev is in another group I joined called the League of Extraordinary Penpals! So, I will definitely be trying to join up more often! Ready for today’s stolen questions? Let’s go!

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Wednesday Hodgepodge Vol. 429

Wednesday Hodgepodge Vol. 429 | Mini Van Dreams

Yikes! I haven’t posted since June! Since it is Wednesday, I thought I would jump back in with the latest Wednesday Hodgepodge hosted by Joyce over at From This Side of the Pond! Grab the questions over there, answer them on your own blog and link up! Then, show some love to your neighbor! Ready? Let’s go!

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Best Darn Baked Beans

Best Darn Baked Beans | Mini Van Dreams

These baked beans are the best darn baked beans ever! Everyone says so! With summer here, and picnics (hopefully) being planned, you definitely need to make these delicious beans! This scrumptious side dish started more as a “creation” and morphed into these deliciously sweet and tangy baked beans that guests were begging to take home. I hope you enjoy them!

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