Cowboy Casserole

Cowboy Casserole | Mini Van Dreams

Several years ago, I went to a picnic and made a Cowboy Casserole recipe that I found from an old cooking magazine. As soon as a very special friend tasted it, she claimed it was my “go-to recipe” from now on. Since then, I have made this delicious casserole every time I needed to bring […]

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Agony of De’Feet

Do you have a pair of go-to jeans? The ones that are as soft and broken in and have been with you through thick and thin? The jeans you immediately grab out of the drawer when getting dressed? A few days ago, a pair of Levi’s I have had for 10 years got a hole […]

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Classic Chili

Classic Chili | Mini Van Dreams

Now that it is getting colder here in Ohio, it is time to pull out the soup pot and make some classic chili. My family eats classic chili several ways – straight up, on spaghetti, with cornbread, and as a topping on potatoes and french fries. The best part is that it is even better […]

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Joseph and the Curse

Joseph and the Curse | Mini Van Dreams

There is a dark family secret that we have kept quiet about for years. Joseph and the curse. It had followed me my entire life. I just can’t shake it. For over 40 years, it has hung over my family like a dark cloud… Coming from a Christian family, we have always celebrated Jesus’ birth […]

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