Easy Chicken and Dumplings
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Easy Chicken and Dumplings

I love chicken and dumplings, but who has time to roll out dough and cut dumplings on a busy weeknight?  Not this girl.  My friend taught me how to make these easy chicken and dumplings several years ago when we were living together and pretending to be adults.  I’ve made them since.  I am sure…

Arroz con Pollo | Mini Van Dreams
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Arroz con Pollo

I love ordering Arroz con Pollo in restaurants. I love the mix of flavors and heat that goes into the dish. I will never be that good of a cook, but… this is a pretty darn good rendition of this dish!  It takes about an hour in the oven, but you can throw it together…

Quick Blueberry Muffins | Mini Van Dreams
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Quick Blueberry Muffins

I love blueberries. Especially blueberry muffins. But, there are sometimes I just don’t want to mess with the whole “from scratch” process when I need a quick breakfast for the kids and I. Somedays, I just wish I had an in-home chef! This recipe has been in my recipe box for ages. Recently, one of…

Easy Tomato Soup | Mini Van Dreams
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Easy Tomato Soup

There is nothing better than a hot bowl of creamy tomato soup on a cold winter’s day – paired with a gooey, grilled cheese sandwich. It’s heaven. I was so tired of buying canned, condensed tomato soup – I wanted to try to make my own so I could make it healthier and sneak in…

Santa's Friends | Mini Van Dreams
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Santa’s Friends Free Printable Planner Stickers

I cannot believe it has been so long since I have published any printable planner stickers! Yikes! But, check out these adorable Santa’s Friends Free Printable Planner Stickers! They are too adorable for words! My favorite is the little panda! He is so cute! As always, my stickers are available in ECV and HP versions,…