I have a very serious addiction.

I thought I would come clean for the world to see.



I’m checking it out every chance I get.

I’m not like the others that claim to be addicted.  I actually do make the things I pin– cards, scrapbook pages, recipes.

So, is that really an addiction?  Isn’t that… ummmmm…research?  Right.  That’s it.  Research.

I used to have a paper addiction.  I had scrapbook paper stashed everywhere– I would buy it everytime I would be in a craft store or scrapbook store.  Whether I had plans to use it or not– I’d buy it because I liked it or it looked pretty or “I’ll never be able to find it again when I want it.”  In my scrapbook area, I seriously have a multi-tiered rack that used to be full of paper.  Full.

I grew out of that rather slowly, but now only purchase paper based on what pictures I have printed to scrapbook.  Makes it much easier to create “kits” of the pictures and supplies to scrapbook on the go.

I have Pinterest boards set up for recipes, sayings and quotes, scrapbooking, card making, cleaning ideas, things that make me laugh, decorating ideas, etc.

I don’t think my Pinterest addiction is going away any time soon.

Hey, its free… and doesn’t take up any room.  That makes it alright, right?  Research, right? 

So… follow me on Pinterest… 

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