I hope you had a great weekend!  This week’s Monday Listicles topic is 10 Must Have Items in My Closet.  Which, is funny, because this weekend I just cleaned out my closet – I got rid of all the clothes that I don’t wear anymore and that are too big (YEAH!) and donated them to Goodwill.  Next week’s topic, which should have been this week’s topic, is 10 Things You Want to Say to Your Mom.  So, answer on your own blog, and link up with us!

Must Have Items in My Closet | Monday Listicles via Mini Van Dreams #mondaylisticles #mondaybloghops

10 Must Have Items in My Closet

  1. Purses – I love purses, especially pink ones and Coach ones
  2. Flip Flops – I hate wearing shoes, so flip flops are the closets thing to barefoot I can get to on the weekends while I am out and about
  3. Hangers – I swear the hanger monster eats hangers during the week.  Does this happen at your house?
  4. Great fitting jeans – I just recently bought a new pair because my old ones were too big, surprisingly I looked everywhere and found them at Walmart for $13
  5. Card making supplies – Even though I have this amazing counter space and cabinets in the basement, all my card making stuff is in my closet in a closet organizer.
  6. My Mom Bag or “Bag of Tricks” – whenever we go somewhere with the kids, I have this satchel-type bag that I have coloring books, crayons, cars, dolls, etc to entertain the kids with while we are waiting.  I just throw in my wallet and cell phone and head out.  I call it my Bag of Tricks.
  7. Polo Shirts – I have a ton of tee shirts, and dress clothes for work, but when I want to dress up a pair of jeans, I just throw on a polo and some sandals.
  8. Yoga pants – Enough said.
  9. Carhartt Jacket and Bibs – I know, I know.  Miss Corporate Accountant who lives in the pseudo-country likes her Carhartt and bibs.  Don’t judge.  They are warm.  And purple.
  10. Sexy sandals – they make everything look good.  Well, except maybe the Carhartts.

What are the must-have items in your closet? [php snippet=1]