I had to share this picture for Wordless Wednesday.  As my dental hygienist (and friend) will tell you… I hate teeth.  I even hate my own teeth.  They creep me out to no end.  So, when Bo’s teeth fell out on their own – two bottom teeth in three days – I was ready to gag.  Mo was a little bummed that she hadn’t lost her teeth yet, even though they were loose.

On Sunday evening, I was talking with Nana on the phone and Mo walked in and handed me a bloody, white thing.  I asked her what it was and she proudly said, “My tooth!”  I looked in her mouth and it was bleeding.  I asked her what happened (I thought Bo punched her in payback for the My Little Pony incident.)  She replied, “I yanked my tooth out.”  Uh… okay.

In reality, I screamed, “Get that thing away from me.  Go give it to your dad!”

We got her cleaned up and all situated with her tooth under her pillow in preparation for the tooth fairy.  We also had to send a picture to Nana to show her.  (Ignore the food in her teeth – she was eating when it happened.)

How many more teeth do I have to deal with?  Yuck.

Mo's Lost Tooth | Wordless Wednesday via Mini Van Dreams


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