Happy Monday! I am not sure what happened to last week, but I realized I didn’t post a darn thing. Oops. I guess I needed a break! Since it’s Monday, it means it is time for Monday Manifest! Looking over my blog calendar, it seems the topic is Ways I Am Special. This is a hard one right now, as I am pretty down about losing my job in the next few months… but, we will muddle through the list, right?! Let’s go!

Monday Manifest: Ways I Am Special | Mini Van Dreams


Monday Manifest: Ways I Am Special

  1. I am a damn good drag racer.
  2. I am a twin mom who rocks!
  3. I cook amazingly well.
  4. I am a great accountant.
  5. I not only earned 4.0 GPAs on both my Bachelor’s and Master’s, but I did it working full-time and raising a family.
  6. I can rewire a race car (hey… you never know… that might come in handy!)
  7. I have used my blog to promote and share about various social good initiatives that I might not otherwise have gotten involved in.
  8. I bake a killer batch of brownies.
  9. I can pretty much judge a person within the first 10 minutes of meeting them and 99% of the time I am right.
  10. I am crafty.


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