The past week or so I have been battling the cold from hell.  I don’t know about you, but lying in bed trying not to die I think of a lot of random things.  I thought what better place to share the crazy of my mind then on Monday Manifest… so, here it goes.

Monday Manifest: Things I Think About When I Am Sick| Mini Van Dreams


Monday Manifest: Things I Have Thought About While Sick

  1. Why does chicken noodle soup always make you feel better when you are sick?
  2. I want to stop coughing.  My sides hurt.
  3. Why do we not have a cure for the common cold?
  4. I wonder how much dollhouse furniture I can buy laying in bed before Don catches on?
  5. I really want some ice cream.
  6. Where did I put the tissue box?
  7. There is nothing on TV.
  8. Why are the kids sooooo loud when I am sick?
  9. Wonder if I lie here and pretend to sleep if Don will fix dinner?
  10. Wonder if a shot of Jack would help?

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