This week’s topic is from a suggestion by Kate.  She suggested 10 Things Totally 80’s, 10 Tweets, or 10 Crushes.  I went back and forth, trying to decide which one to choose… so, I am going with Ten Things Totally 80’s.  Here we go…

  1. Magnum P.I.– I guess that could for either direction– totally 80’s or crushes.  Mmmmm.
  2. Underoos– Mine were Wonder Woman.
  3. Rubik’s Cubes– I took the stickers off of mine and put them back on right.  Big surprised there.
  4. Acid-washed jeans, mini skirts and leggings– What were we thinking?  On second thought, what was my parents thinking letting me dress that way?!
  5. MTV-  Enough said.  Video Killed the Radio Star.
  6. 16 Candles- Best teen angst movie ever.
  7. 95 cent gas
  8. TV Shows– The Golden Girls, Growing Pains, Knight Rider, Dukes of Hazzard, and The A Team.
  9. The Cola Wars– Coca-Cola versus New Coke
  10. The question of the 80’s— Where’s the beef?