This week’s topic comes from Mrs. M at the Bonny Bard.  This was hard for me.  Everytime I came up with something I worried it would sound like I am arrogant or bragging.  I started reading everyone else’s lists and they all approached them different ways– so, I am going to just have at it…

  1. I am a very good, trustworthy and loyal friend.  I’ll help you bury the body and clean up the mess.
  2. I always give 110% to everything I do– work, school, hobbies, family, eating chocolate, etc.
  3. I can keep a secret.  Unless it is really juicy… LOL.  (JUST KIDDING!)
  4. I am a great mom.  At least my kids tell me… of course they usually want something…
  5. I’m funny.  In fact, I tend to crack up at the wrong time… brother’s graveside service– yep, started laughing.
  6. I know how to not take life and myself too seriously.  See number 5.
  7. I am a damn good drag racer.  ‘Nuf said.
  8. I am a great floor installer, according to my father-in-law and daughter.  (At least I have a backup if the accounting gig doesn’t work out…)
  9. I am smart.  I know all kinds of useless trivia.
  10. I am very good scrapbooker and card maker… or least the judge at the fair thought so.