The topic for this Monday is FIRSTS… this was hard…


  1. First baby that was pulled out:  Miss Mo.
  2. First kiss:  Mike Shock in 7th grade
  3. First car:  1979 Chevrolet Malibu
  4. First job:  Pizza maker
  5. First date with my hubby:  The lake, where I came darn close to falling in
  6. First flight:  To Atlanta for a birthday/business trip with my mom.  I cried the entire way because it was storming really bad.
  7. First time I met my husband:  At the race track, I knew who he was before then, but my dad introduced us at the track
  8. First computer:  Tandy 2000 that my parents bought from Radio Shack and you had to BASIC program to do anything with
  9. First time down the track:  May 1996.
  10. First car I bought on my very own:  2002 Honda Civic… brand new.


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