NUTS! It's time for Monday Listicles.  This week's topic, suggested by Jen is 10 TV Shows Cancelled Too Soon.  Oh my!  It seems every show I like gets cancelled too soon!  LOL.  Thanks Jen for such a cool topic.  Next week's topic for Monday Listicles is 10 Pictures You Have Taken– this topic was thought up by Heather.  Okay, so here we go… 10 TV Shows Cancelled Too Soon…








1.Jericho – by far, one of my favorite shows of all-time. Unfortunately, it was cancelled. But, the fans struck back. The video below shows a pivotal point in the show. The NUTS story. When the show was cancelled, the fans began sending nuts to the network. It became the battle cry of Jericho fans everywhere. It was enough to bring the show back one more season.


2.  24 – Let's be honest.  I cried at the end.


3. iCarly – I know this is a kids show.  But, I loved it.  Let's just hope Cat and Sam live up to the legend of iCarly.


4.  The Unit – Was absolutely in love with this one.  I yelled at the TV.  I cried.  I was very disappointed how it ended.


5.  Fresh Prince of Bellaire… I'd STILL be watching it…


6.  Are You Being Served? – Okay… so, now you know… I am a closet British Comedy freak…


7.  Quantum Leap


8.  Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles


9.  Knight Rider (2008)


10.  WKRP (And, yes… I know it was on for 4 years.)


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