Alright, this week’s Listicles idea came from Stasha over at The Good Life… also our host for the hop.  So, read on and find out what I have no intention of changing… next week’s topic is 10 Favorite Movie Quotes… I bet you know where THAT is going!

  1. My chocolate addiction.  I think Stasha posted this one too, but I have no plans on changing it.
  2. My scrapbook paper addiction.
  3. I do not make money on my blog.  I have no intention of changing that.  Ever.
  4. My endless search for the perfect purse.
  5. My sarcasm.
  6. The love I have for my kids.
  7. Visiting my bloggy friends at least once a week.
  8. My quest to lose weight.
  9. Letting my kids sleep with us when they crawl into bed in the middle of the night.
  10. My car.  Okay, I was out of ideas… but, I don’t plan on buying one in 2013.