Mini Van Dreams is a website dedicated to finding the humor in life, especially in motherhood.  I share funny and not-so-funny family stories, parenting, recipes, crafts, scrapbooking, card making, jewelry making, printables, organization, blogging tutorials, reviews, social good initiatives, and more.

You will find sad posts and serious posts.  You will find happy posts and funny posts.  This is real life.  I understand what it is like to not have time to do anything.  To be overwhelmed.  To feel like you are the only one. Yet, through it all, I keep laughing – even if it is through the tears.

I have found that laughter truly is the best medicine and when you think you cannot go one more step… a deep breath and a belly laugh makes it all right in the world.  These are the moments that matter.

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More about Julia.

Julia is a twin mom.  Accountant.  Scrapbooker.  Card maker.  Lover of all things Harry Potter. And self-proclaimed nap sneaker.

She is the proud mom of boy/girl twins.  She is also a full-time accountant that works outside the home in Corporate America.  She holds an Associate’s, Bachelor’s, and Master’s degree in Accounting.

Julia prides herself on not being a “typical” boring accountant.

A former amateur drag racer, she loves snail mail, making ATCs, cooking, reading and geocaching. She also enjoys spending time with her kids, redecorating her house and traveling with the twins to new – and old – places.

Julia blogs at Mini Van Dreams about life with twins, scrapbooking, card making, easy recipes, blog tutorials, reviews, giveaways, and anything else that crosses her path.

She recently became involved with social good endeavors through her blog and is now a  member of the elite Global Team of 200. She has also had several featured articles/posts on various websites, including Feed the Future, What to Expect, and US Aid.

She is impetuous, sassy, and a trooper.

She laughs her way through life.

She sleeps when she can sneak it in.

She loves to hear from her fans!  Please, feel free to contact her through social media.