As I was trying to catch up at work from when I was gone in Chicago, I needed to get into my desk drawer… I opened it and this is what I saw.

Oh my.
This will never do.
So, I stopped working and dumped out all the contents on my desk.
I found all sorts of things.
My iPod cord.
Even a button I had lost.
Too bad I donated the sweater to Goodwill.  Think I could donate the button?
I worked on organizing my desk for over an hour.
Finally, I had it all put back and organized.
Too bad, I now won’t be able to find a damn thing.
Guess, I’ve procrastinated enough for one day.
Back to work.

4 Comments on Messy Desk

  1. looks better, but an hour, I think you drug your feet and was procrastinating getting back to work. lol

  2. wow,why doesnt that surprise me that you would organize your drawer before working….you organize EVERYTHING… ya Nana

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