I am sticking to my story.  It just fell off.  A few months ago, I was driving home and somehow, my passenger side mirror fell off.  By itself.  I swear.  See, there was this bear, I mean deer, and it darted across the road in front of me causing me to swerve and hit a mailbox with the mirror housing and the mirror glass fell out.  Really.

The drive home from work is all country roads.  And, I have a cell phone.  I was headed home and my phone dinged.  I looked down and picked up the phone to see who it was.  By then it was too late… I had swerved off the road and hit a mailbox.  My mirror glass fell out and shattered.  Crap.

I get home and told the Hubs I needed to order a new mirror glass.

Me:  I need to order a new mirror for my passenger side door.

The Hubs:  How come?

Me:  I was driving along and it just fell out.

The Hubs:  It just fell out?

Me:  Yes.  Yes, uh, I was swerving to not hit a deer.  A big deer.  It just fell off.

The Hubs:  What really happened?

Me:  A deer ran out in front of me and it just fell off by itself.

The Hubs:  Okay…

Me:  Okay, okay.  I was texting and driving and ran off the side of the road and it fell out.

The Hubs:  YOU WHAT?!

Me:  The phone dinged and I wanted to see who it was.  I wasn’t actually texting.  Just looking.

The Hubs:  And it just fell out?  All by itself?

Me:  Yes.  After I hit the mailbox.


The moral of this story is two fold— first, never text and drive and if you do, make sure you have a good story lined up on why you need a new passenger side mirror.  Just sayin’.


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