iPhone Love

I honestly do not know how I ever survived without an iPhone.


This is my third Smartphone… but, my first iPhone. I’m never going back.

I was kind of hesitant at first because I had never had a touch keyboard, but it didn’t take much to get used to at all.

Thank goodness for unlimited data plans.

There were months that would go by that I wouldn’t even open my laptop—I did everything on my phone. Paid bills. Emailed. Checked fantasy football. You name it.

The kids’ even have a page on the phone with their own games—SpongeBob, Dress Chica, and even Talking Hippo. I have the normal standbys—Accuweather, Kindle, Facebook, Pinterest. But, I also have my games—currently, Pioneers, Hay Day, and Scramble Free. These change occasionally, depending on what I get interested in or find in the App store.

I swear there is an app for almost everything.

Even the kids get in on it… playing games, taking pictures, checking the weather, calling nana.

While in Chicago, at dinner… everyone began talking about their families and hobbies, etc.  Back in the day, everyone would pull out a little picture folio and show the pictures.  Nope.  Out came the phones.

Everyone scrambled to get into their picture viewer, to show their pictures to the others at our table.  Adding new friends at our table to Facebook.  Checking in at Foursquare.

It struck me as funny.  Here we are– handing our phones to others to show off our families.  Building friendships over a Smartphone and a Facebook friend invite. 

What will we think of next? 

There are apps for household management.  Apps that can be used to control your television.  Apps to schedule flights.  Apps to find the best deals. 

Apps to do practically everything.Now, if only I could find more time in the day to scrapbook and make cards.

Wonder if there is an app for that?


  1. Hi thanks for participating in the blog hop. I am a new follower

  2. My husband has an iPhone and loves it! After seeing all the cool stuff he can do, I want one too! 🙂

  3. I love having my iPhone. I honestly can go back to another Android after having one. It’s fantastic! Thanks for dropping by my blog!

    Jess @ The Delightful Crafter

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