I am the mom of twins.

I carried my beautiful twins full-term and delivered two healthy, full-size babies that didn’t spend one second in NICU.

I had a horrible time getting pregnant, had two IUIs, battled PCOS, had gestational diabetes, high blood pressure, placenta blood flow problems, and was on complete bed rest for three months.

Delivery Day

I tell you this because to this day… 3.5 years later… when I tell someone I have twins…

They immediately look at my belly.

And, you would think it would be the women that are the worst… no, its the MEN.

It pisses me off.

I have even had a few outspoken individuals tell me that I need to “respect” myself and “take better care” of myself.

You know, I would lose weight and do sit ups if I had time.  Don’t judge me.

You have time because either you don’t have kids or your only have one.

My super power is having babies two at a time.  What can you do?

Do I wish I was a size 10?  Well, yes.

Do I wish I could wear a bikini?  Well, yes.

Am I overweight?  Duh.

Would I like to lose weight?  Yes.

But, I have two beautiful kids.

There is no trade off.

I have stretch marks and a rather large belly.  But, that belly kept my babies safe for 8.5 months and cooked me up some healthy, beautiful babies.

I think I look pretty damn good for carrying twins full-term.

I earned my belly.

And, I am damn proud of it.