Did ya’ll think I dropped off the face of the earth?  The flu hit me like a Mack truck on Thursday morning.  I was lying in bed – wishing for death – until yesterday.  I hate being that sick.  I am one of those people who have to be doing something.  I seriously think I read three books while lying there over the past few days.  But, today’s Monday and its Listicles time!  Today’s topic is 10 Things That Need Fixed Around the House.  

honey-do list: monday listicles  via mini van dreams


10 Things That Need Fixed Around the House (a.k.a. The Honey-Do List)

  1. Dining room ceiling needs painted
  2. Trim in hallway needs painted
  3. Sliding glass door handle needs fixed
  4. Tile needs finished in bathroom
  5. Baby gate blocking basement steps is loose
  6. Dining room chairs need fixed and finished
  7. Light bulbs need replaced in almost every room
  8. Kitchen sink is leaking
  9. Seal on car door is torn (okay, that is kinda around the house… it’s parked out front.  That counts, right?)
  10. My kitchen needs remodeled – I was hoping to take a picture of the kitchen so you could understand why this is on the list.  We have lived there five years and I am still not even close to fixing it up.  Ugly tile.  ORANGE counters.  Baskets on the wallpaper border.  Dark cabinets… need I go on?

Of course, if you know Don and I… he is not a Mr. Fix-It.  I usually tackle these projects, guilt rope him into helping, and when I get over my head, I call in the big guns.  My father-in-law.

Hmmmm…. I better go make a call.

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