This week’s Monday Listicles topic is courtesy of yours truly.  The topics I suggested were either 10 Things I Love About Your House or 10 Things I Love About Your City/Town, your choice! Or both!  So, check your list, link up and have some fun!

10 Things I Love About My House

  1. It’s far enough outside of town that I feel like I live in the country.
  2. Behind our house, we have a huge field where all the kids play.
  3. The craft area in my basement is AMAZING… huge counter, cupboards…
  4. My attic is finished and has hardwood floors.
  5. The wood-burning stove.
  6. The Craftsman-like built in cabinets in my dining room.
  7. I can watch the fireworks on 4th of July from my front yard.
  8. The neighbors don’t complain when the Hubs does hole-shots or fires up the race car.
  9. We have a cop that lives two doors down from us.
  10. The walk around the plat is exactly a 1/2 mile.


10 Things I Love About My Town

  1. Everyone knows everyone.
  2. People actually take the time to stop and talk.
  3. The small town feel.
  4. We actually have a “Main Street.”
  5. The country roads to work.
  6. The slow pace.
  7. The farm equipment coming through town.
  8. The old-time candy store.
  9. We are close enough to the “big city.”
  10. People help each other out.


What do you love about your home and town?


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