Happy Monday!  I am back to work after a long weekend that was to include a trip to Amish Country, but kids with high-temps, coughing, and sniffling kept us home.  Nothing like packing for a trip then unpacking without leaving town.  They are back to school today and all of us – including myself – are getting better.  Since it is Monday, that means it is Monday Listicles time!  Today’s topic is 10 Hashtags that Describe Me.  (Please tell me you know what a hashtag is… its like a keyword.)  Next week’s topic is 10 Things You Think About Most.

10 Hashtags That Describe Me

  1. #mom
  2. #wife
  3. #accountant
  4. #blogger
  5. #scrapbooker
  6. #cardmaker
  7. #tired
  8. #multi-tasker
  9. #graduatestudent
  10. #lovestocook

What hashtags describe you?  Did I miss any that you think describe me?

Hashtags That Describe Me | Monday Listicles via Mini Van Dreams #mondalisticles

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