Happy Anniversary and Our Story

Today is the Hubs and I’s 12 year anniversary.  We’ve had our ups.  We’ve had our downs.  We’ve had twins.  But, through it all, there is no one I’d rather share the laughter, tears, and dirty diapers with!

So, I thought it would be fun to recap my stories of our engagement and wedding.  Enjoy!  Be prepared to laugh!


Happy Anniversary to an amazing husband and father!  You are the best!  Here’s to another 12 years!


Anniversary Graphics

Our First Date

Our Engagement

Our Wedding

5 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary and Our Story

  1. Happy Anniversary!!
    After reading your wedding story, yes, the Gatlinburg wedding might have been better. Less stories, though!
    Have a wonderful anniversary. Any plans to celebrate?

    1. We went to Dublin and spent the night. Went shopping, hung out, and had an interesting dinner at a Mexican place… where the chef walked out before we got our food. LOL.

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