Are you looking for a super-cute grocery list and menu planner?  Look no more!  It is a proven fact that if you make a meal plan and base your grocery list on what you are eating for the week, you will spend less than money than if you went to the store without any clue what to buy!  How many times have you gotten home from the store and can’t remember why you bought a certain item?  

Print out my uber-cute grocery list and meal planner and save time and money by making a plan and sticking to it!  

Free Grocery List and Menu Planner via Mini Van Dreams

(Click the picture or link below to get your copy!)


Free grocery list and menu planner via mini van dreams


Free Grocery List and Menu Planner Printable


 I hope you enjoy my grocery list and menu planner free printable!  Let me know what you think.  Check out my other free printables too!  

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  1. I just started doing menu planning this past week. It seemed like we spent more money but I think that’s just because we bought ground beef. I’m going to avoid recipes that use ground beef for a while. It’s getting expensive!

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