Some days, I just want to shuck it all and become a pirate! Do you think people would think I was weird if I walked around with an eye patch and a parrot on my shoulder? Let your inner pirate out with these super adorable free printable planner stickers…. Aaargh Matey! (Admit it, you read that in a pirate voice!) Enjoy!

 How to use the free planner stickers:

  1. Download and save your sticker sheet below.
  2. Print PDF onto full sheet sticker paper (Avery 8165 is what I use).
  3. Cut or punch and place in your planner.

I hope you love this weekly set as much as I do!  Leave me a note in the comments if there are certain types of planner stickers you would love to see – I’ll see what I can do!

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This cheerful sticker set includes several fun box covers, headers, date covers, stickers, and more – for both ECV and HP!

DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE STICKERS BELOW – click the link below the image.

Free Printable Planner Stickers – Aargh Matey! (ECV)

Free Planner Stickers: Aargh Matey! | Mini Van Dreams
Free Planner Stickers: Aargh Matey! | Mini Van Dreams

Free Printable Planner Stickers: Aargh Matey! (HP)

Have a HP mini?  No problem!  Download the full size stickers to your desktop and open in Acrobat.  Choose print and resize to 80-85% of the original.

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