Anyone that knows me well, knows that I am on an never-ending quest to become more organized… and, to find the perfect purse, but that’s another blog post.  One of the things that makes me crazy is trying to keep track of my blog posts and what is going on each day.  I have tried various blog planners– and while those are nice, they were too busy and time-consuming to use.  I thought I’d throw my hat in the ring and create a weekly blog planner free printable that was easy, streamlined and pretty!

Eventually, I will create more free printable trackers and logs that can be used in conjunction with this one – blog expenses, sponsors, affiliates, login information, linky party tracker, etc.  Speaking of which… leave me a comment if there is something you want to see me make for your blog!  Is there a form or some sort of tracker you need and can’t find?

So, here is my first free printable… feel free to print this and use it as you see fit.  Share it through social media.  And, leave me a comment for any suggestions on future printables!

Weekly Blog Planner

Click the picture above or click HERE to download and print.

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