For some reason, when I was coming up with my Listicle about 10 Things That Comfort Me, I immediately thought of a Bible verse in Proverbs: A word fitly spoken [is like] apples of gold in pictures of silver. (25:11).  And, yes I had to look it up to get the wording.  This popped into my mind, because when I was thinking about things that comfort me, I remembered a book I had read where the main character said something about “comfort me with apples” and that is one thing that would be on my Listicle.  That, too, is a verse in Song of Solomon, but I didn’t understand it.   (Okay, okay… I haven’t had my soda yet this morning. )

Next week’s topic comes from yours truly, and you get to pick your choice!  Either 10 Things You Love About Your House or 10 Things You Love About Your City/Town— heck, you could even do both!  So, make your own list, link up with us at Stasha’s and have some fun!

10 Things That Comfort Me

  1. Apple Dumplings – (See, that is why I thought of that verse!)  Whenever I have a warm apple dumpling, with REAL vanilla bean ice cream, all is right with the world.
  2. Hugs and Kisses from my kids and the Hubs.
  3. Chocolate – Dang good chocolate.  Expensive chocolate.  Chocolate you almost feel guilty eating.  Yeah, that kind of chocolate.
  4. Reading a favorite book – I have a few favorites, but its like spending time with an old friend.  You know what is going to happen, you know how it will turn out.  But, it still brings peace to your soul.  One of these is Sara Donati’s Into the Wilderness (which, by the way is where they said comfort me with apples.)
  5. Pictures of my dad and brother – Enough said.
  6. Southern Comfort – No, really.  LOL.
  7. The Porch Light – There is nothing more comfortable than coming home late at night and the porch light being on.
  8. Silence – The silence when no one is home and the TV is off and you are curled up on the couch with a good book.  That silence.
  9. Chicken and Noodles – The ultimate comfort food…. on top of mashed potatoes.  It just warms your heart.
  10. My Teddy Bear – Don’t laugh.  Its the teddy bear the Hubs bought me the night before I left for college.  Its been with me back and forth from Cleveland each weekend, has gone down the drag strip with me several times, and has been used for many hugs and crying jags.  Now, it is residing in the kids’ room, hopefully bringing them comfort.

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