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Breast Cancer Awareness Wreath

Breast Cancer Awareness Wreath | Mini Van Dreams

October is breast cancer awareness month and as you know, we lost Don’s mom to her battle with breast cancer a couple of years ago.  When we were contacted by Tree Classics to design a wreath for breast cancer awareness we jumped at the chance to help get the word out about breast cancer.  For […]

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Get Your Man Healthy!

As a mother, wife, sister, or daughter, we have the responsibility to keep the men in our life healthy.  Just in time for Father’s Day and Men’s Health Month, and with some help from my friends at, I thought I would share ways to get your man healthy!  Keep reading for some great tips and […]

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Kick Your Man in the Pants About Testicular Cancer

Help Fight Testicular Cancer! | Mini Van Dreams

Kick your man in the pants about testicular cancer!  Okay, stop… not really!  I don’t want men sending me hate mail.  So, what’s up with the post title?  Women sometimes need to kick men in the butt to get them motivated about their health – they always tend to put things off until it is […]

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Are you at risk for a blood clot?

Are you at risk for a blood clot? | Mini Van Dreams

Are you at risk for a blood clot?  Women face an increased risk of blood clots throughout crucial times in their life.  Women are at risk when they take birth control containing estrogen, when they are pregnant, in the weeks after delivery, and when using hormone therapy during menopause.  Annually, blood clots affect more people […]

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