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Helping Premature Babies

Helping Premature Babies Survive | Mini Van Dreams

As a twin mom, it was vital that I kept the babies “cooking” in my belly as long as possible.  Being high risk – just because I was a twin pregnancy – could have resulted in my babies being born too early.  If they were too early, or preemies, they would have had to stay […] Read more…

Date Night With Breyers Gelato

Date Night with Breyers Gelato Indulgences | Mini Van Dreams

Let’s face it – when you have kids, date nights are few and far between.  As busy parents of 6 year-old twins, we have to improvise.  Sometimes, date night is dinner out or heading out to the dirt track, or sitting on the couch watching football.  When I was given a chance to try Breyers® […] Read more…

Prescription Drug Safety

Prescription Drug Safety | Mini Van Dreams

Did you know that using prescription drugs that are not prescribed for you is considered drug abuse?  Do you know what medications are in your medicine cabinet right now?  Do you know if your children or their friends have been in these prescription drugs?  Do you know how to dispose of prescription drugs that you […] Read more…

Little Sacrifices by Jamie Scott | A Book Review

Little Sacrifices by Jamie Scott | A Book Review

Little Sacrifices by Jamie Scott is a coming-of-age story set in the late 1940’s in the deep south. Amidst racial turmoil, May Powell must find her way in the world while living in a segregated world.  For those who don’t know, Jamie Scott is Michele Gorman’s pen name… but this isn’t Michele’s normal rom-comedy book. […] Read more…