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Your Prostate Your Decision

Your Prostate Your Decision | Mini Van Dreams #socialgood #prfriendly #prostatedecision

As a mom, your job is never done.  Not only do you have to keep track of your kids, but you always have to keep after your husband or other men in your life.  Why?  Because notoriously men like to put things off until it is too late or they have no other choice – […] Read more…

The Reluctant Elf by Michele Gorman

The Reluctant Elf by Michele Gorman | Mini Van Dreams

Michele Gorman has done it again with her newest single, The Reluctant Elf.  After a phone call interrupts a nice dream she’s having, Lottie finds out her Aunt Kate has been hospitalized after a car accident.  Reminescent of the phone call she received during her parents’ dream vacation, Lottie bundles her daughter and herself off […] Read more…

Get Your Kids Involved!

Get Your Children Involved! | Mini Van Dreams

Meet Annika Cushnyr, a 17 year old at Bosque School in New Mexico.  She has collected 4,000 new and used books to start a “giving library” so the children and families visiting a local medical center can get free books to take home and keep.  She began this mission after finding out New Mexico has […] Read more…