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FriendlyBands SunshineLoom Review

FriendlyBands SunshineLoom Review | Mini Van Dreams

I am sure you have seen the rubber band bracelet craze around town.  I wasn’t sure the twins were old enough to make the bracelets, so when FriendlyBands contacted me about reviewing their SunshineLoom for free, I was rather skeptical.  I am so glad I agreed though!  Mo, Bo, and I have had the best […] Read more…

Personalized Sticker Reward Chart

Personalized School Sticker Reward Chart [REVIEW] | Mini Van Dreams

As a parent, we are always looking for ways to motivate our children to be their best – whether it is healthy eating, following the rules, getting good grades, or doing their chores.  One way to do this is with a reward system, using some sort of tracker to mark when the behaviors are met […] Read more…

Fearless by Eric Blehm

Fearless by Eric Blehm | Mini Van Dreams #prfriendly #review #bookreview

Adam Brown was a Navy SEAL who woke up on March 17th, 2010 and didn’t know it was his last day to live.  He had written a letter to his children that was only to be read if he died and in it said, “I’m not afraid of anything that might happen to me on […] Read more…