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How to Budget and Free Printable

Free Budget Printable | Mini Van Dreams

Do you know how to budget?  In this economy, most people need to watch their cash flow to make sure they don’t fall short by month end.  Trust me, we have been there. We are there now.  Prior to Don’s cancer surgery and recovery, we never budgeted or even kept track of our checks and […]

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Mommy Robot

Mommy Robot | Mini Van Dreams

I wish I had a mommy robot.  Or a clone of myself.  Or both.  A few months ago, we were heading home from Nana’s house and were coming back into town and Mo asked me if I was broken down on the side of the road.  I started laughing and said, “No, we are still […]

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Bo Stylin’ – Wordless Wednesday

I haven’t done Wordless Wednesday in awhile, so I came across this picture and thought I’d share.  This is Bo stylin’.  He asked to borrow my sunglasses because the sun was in his eyes… but, immediately put them on top of his head, rather than wearing them.  He says, “Look mommy, I’m stylin’.”  

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