Family Life

Three Men

On the kids and my’s way to work/school, we drive through a couple of small towns in our travels of  country roads back to “civilization.”  One of the towns we go through has a small, corner market.  Every morning, when we go past, three men are sitting by the window at a table drinking coffee. […]

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SWAT Team Open Up

SWAT Team Open Up! via Mini Van Dreams

When you hear the words, “SWAT team open up.  Do it now.”  Your heart skips a beat.  Your palms get sweaty.  Your breath hitches and you begin to wonder.  “Oh God, what did I do?”  Nevermind the fact the authorities are five houses down from your house, surrounding another house with big guns, shields, and […]

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Names I’d Rather Have

10 names I'd rather have - monday listicles via mini van dreams

This week’s Listicle topic is 10 Names I’d Rather Have.  Everyone, at one time or another has wanted a different name.  Hmmmm.  What I would name myself given the chance?  I know, it definitely wouldn’t be anything like Julia… too many people (Nana included) call me Julie, which is NOT my name.  I hate the […]

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Easy Valentines Day Treat Bags

easy valentines day treat bags by mini van dreams

Today we have some easy Valentines Day Treat Bags and a free “topper” printable.  I know there are several versions of this out on Pinterest, but this one uses regular sandwich bags, scissors, paper, and a stapler.  Stuff you probably have sitting around the house already!   Depending on the age of your kids, you […]

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